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biosensor-activated sound installation


Playfully out of sync with its architectural surroundings, A VALE explores pleasurable displacement through sound and the action of swinging.  Equipped with a solar-powered, bio-sensor controlled sound system, the swing replies to your presence.  Shifting from functional pastime to experiential medium, as you swing the structure responds with a polyphonic vocal composition.  With its steel A-frame base and nautical rope seat-bed, the installation juxtaposes work and relaxation whilst encouraging a skyward view – a proposition to reconsider the familiar.  

• Steel swing frame, aluminium and rope seat-bed
• Solar panel
• Steel sound box with coded control system, infrared sensor & speaker
• Engraved aluminium instructional plaque


Featuring an original composition by Seaming To

Commissioned for UCL Festival of Culture (2016)

Supported by Arts Council England 

"Other stand out work on this whistle stop day was Anna Brownsted’s swing sculpture piece. It’s impeccable production values translating what would typically be warm playful inter-action into a curiously quasi clinical public experience."                                                                                                                                                                                           A-N online review

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