Radio micro-documentaries 

Perfect Day is a series of micro-documentaries about the joy of possibility. The concept for the radio programme unfolded from an interest in creating an opportunity for people to divulge a pleasurable fantasy to a complete stranger.  


Commissioned by Cambridge Junction for Hunt & Darton's 24-hour Radio Local on Cambridge Radio 105, the 12-episode series was made by inviting strangers to describe their idea of a ‘perfect day’.  The resulting conversations were often intimate and surprisingly frank, revealing fantasies that range from simple and heartfelt to humorous and grand. 

Supported by Cambridge City Council & Arts Council England.

Perfect Day theme song composed by Will Heasman.

Yusef - Perfect Day Episode 1
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Keith - Perfect Day Episode 12
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Binaural sound installation for two

Designed as an unregulated social experiment in proxemics and listening together, Splitter is a free-standing installation built from appropriated household furniture and fittings, which suggests both the familiar and the surreal.  The binaural soundtrack, played through over-ear headphones, uses applied psychoacoustics to immerse the pair of listeners into a shadowy narrative that subtly explores themes of loneliness and the power of interconnectivity, whilst simultaneously exposing them as both observer and the observed.  

Soundtrack co-composed with Will Heasman.

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Splitter sound installation

SPLITTER, teaser trailer (2017)

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