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Saturday, October 29

6.00 - 7.00pm

Cambridge Artspace

5 Green’s Road, CB4 3EF

An evening of live art and conversation featuring Performative Act.023, a performance devised by Damaris Athene with a soundtrack made in collaboration with Anna Brownsted.  
Performative Act.023 marks the first live work in Athene’s ongoing series that explores bodily boundaries and the liminal space between the digital and the physical. Following the performance there will be an informal conversation panel with the artists, focusing on the collaborative process.  

This event is free, but capacity is limited; booking recommended. 

Click here to book.


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An evening of art and conversation to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Tuesday 20 September


Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre, Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Join Director of Wysing Arts Centre Rosie Cooper in conversation with artist Anna Brownsted, Blood Cancer UK Ambassador Tania Dineen-Parish, and University of Cambridge researcher Mariana Quiroga Londoño.

The panel will discuss Unknown Unknowns, a collaborative project led by Anna Brownsted that brought together ambassadors for Blood Cancer UK and stem cell researchers working at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre. Through a series of stop-motion animation workshops held via Zoom, participants developed hand-cut animation sequences exploring their experiences of ‘the unknown’ in relation to living with blood cancer, the challenges of research and the global uncertainties of Covid-19.

These sessions and animations inspired Brownsted’s large-scale collage installation for the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre, The Night The Mountains Moved, and an accompanying film compiled from the participants’ animation sequences, Futuramic Unknown. These works explore the symbiotic relationship between patients, researchers and charitable funding organisations, and what it takes to confront the unknown. 

Registration required through our Eventbrite booking page.

This commission was delivered as part of our public engagement programme, working together with Blood Cancer UK and Kettle’s Yard.



9-12 September 2021

A bespoke sound intervention on the No. 1 bus, composed in collaboration with Will Heasman. Experienced through wireless headsets, Tourist 

immerses passengers on a dreamy, cinematic drive around the Isle of Portland.  

Commissioned by b-side for Portland, Dorset, UK.

Booking required:




24 June 2021

Midsummer Day


Bringing together a group of strangers on one of the longest days of the year, Idle Hour invites you to linger within the unknown of a familiar place.

In an outdoor promenade experience delivered through wireless headphones, listeners are situated as protagonists of an unfolding narrative that warps time and heightens reality. Meditative yet visceral, this immersive soundscape prioritises presence, observation and the power of communal action.

Made in collaboration with Will Heasman and Lizzie Ballinger.

Commissioned & produced by Cambridge Junction

Supported by Arts Council England

Limited capacity, Booking required:

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Released March 12, 2021

The second season of the Fermywoods Contemporary Art podcast starts with an original audio work by, and discussion with, Anna Brownsted. Her work Week Nine was originally released in May of 2020 by HOME Manchester during the ninth week of England’s first lockdown. It is a cinematic soundscape, meant to be listened to via headphones in a dark room.

Week Nine is a Fermynwoods Contemporary Art and Cambridge Junction Homemakers commission, part of HOME Manchester’s Homemakers series, where artists create new works in isolation for an audience also isolated by the coronavirus lockdown.

Week Nine was written and directed by Anna Brownsted, composed in collaboration with Will Heasman, and features Mark Farr, Julian Harding, Tara Kearney, Lilli Mathod, Rosanna Miles, Cary Parker, Teele Uustani.

Image: Lilli Mathod

Anna Brownsted SPLITTER gallery front vi

New Hall Art Collection in collaboration with CRASSH Auralities Research Network 


19 February 2020

2.00-4.00 pm

Seminar Room SG1

Alison Richard Building

7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT

This event is programmed as part of the Auralities Research Network at CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities) that is concerned with investigating, debating and understanding practices of audition, broadly conceived.  This seminar will include a presentation and discussion led by Anna Brownsted focusing on her approach to sound and the importance of listening in her work.

Open to all. No registration required.

Anna Brownsted sierra tango foxtrot sand


Pier Projects' artist tour and workshop

27 October 2019

11.30 - 1.30 pm

Landguard Fort, Landguard Point

On the last day of the season at Landguard Fort and marking the end of summertime, join artist Anna Brownsted for a talk about her immersive sound installation 'SIERRA TANGO FOXTROT' which has been on view at this English Heritage property on Landguard Point across the summer. Afterwards, the artist will lead a family-friendly hands-on activity to make your own creative response using materials from the installation.

All ages welcome; activity is free of charge, standard admission prices apply to Landguard Fort. | Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, IP11 3TW

Anna Brownsted We Are Cambridge Kettles


19 October 2019

12.00 - 4.00 pm

Kettle's Yard

Part of the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas, drop-in to take part in a series of artist led workshops exploring what living in and around Cambridge means to you. Working with ‘The Cambridge Show’ artists, Anna Brownsted and Luciana Rosado, you can create artwork inspired by Cambridge, your ideas of home and hopes for the future of the city.

Stay just a while or spend all day with us; 

FREE, drop in and have a go



12 February 2019


Cambridge Junction

It’s been 40 years since NASA launched the Voyager Golden Record into space and a lot has changed down here on earth…what do the extraterrestrials need to know about us now? For the past year, artist Anna Brownsted has been asking the same question to people of all ages across Cambridge. Their collective response has become The Gold 45 Prototype, a 7” sequel updating the extraterrestrials on everything that’s happened since 1978. Launching live on February 12th, the vinyl book features democratically selected images, greetings, sounds and The Top 5 Most Significant Songs of the Last 40 Years. 

Free, advance booking required

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16 December 2018

12.00-4.00 pm


Clore Learning Studio

A free, artist-led workshop for families focused on the theme of communication and expression, taking inspiration from the Richard Pousette-Dart exhibition and NASA’s 1977 Golden Record.



The final debate (and public vote) to determine which five images should be included on the collaboratively devised sequel to NASA's 1977 Voyager Golden Record.

Cambridge Festival of Ideas

18 October 2018

7.30 pm

Cambridge Junction

FREE, booking recommended


image: Anna Brownsted + Luke Harby


A public debate (with a kick-ass soundtrack)

26 May 2018

Watch Out Festival 

@ Cambridge Junction

Lay your musical taste on the chopping block as we democratically determine The 5 Most Significant Songs of the Last 40 Years.    

This is not a performance...this is war.


17 March 2018


Kettle's Yard

See the exhibition Actions. The image of the world can be different and encounter live performances in the house and galleries by Harold Offeh, Anna Brownsted and Candoco Dance Company.  


Series of performances begin at 5.30pm and 7.30pm

FREE, booking recommended

image: Anna Brownsted + Luke Harby



15 March 2018

7.30 pm

@ Cambridge Junction

Cambridge Science Festival 2018

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2, twin probes headed for interstellar space. Each spacecraft carried a copy of the Golden Record - a gold-plated copper phonograph record featuring carefully selected images, greetings, sounds and music that form a message intended to communicate the story of our world to extraterrestrials. 


Anna Brownsted talks about making a follow-up album and hosts a conversation to begin collaboratively devising the ‘master list’ of what might be included.  What are the most significant discoveries, developments and sounds that have shaped our life on Earth over the past 40 years?  What should extraterrestrials know about us now?

FREE, booking recommended

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