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Idle Hour is a choreographed intervention for a public square, with an immersive soundscape experienced through wireless headphones.

Situating listeners as protagonists of an unfolding narrative that warps time and heightens reality, Idle Hour brings together a group of strangers - inviting them to linger in the unknown of a familiar place while prioritising presence, observation and the power of communal action.

Idle Hour is designed to be presented in any public square in any city in the world, where it will be performed by a local ensemble.

Made in collaboration with Will Heasman and Lizzie Ballinger.

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction.

Research & Development support from Arts Council England.

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24 June 2021


Midsummer Day

The first iteration of Idle Hour took place at Cambridge Leisure Park, featuring a local 

ensemble of performers: Až Benfield-Clarke, Georgia Beresford-Jones, Lola Chirico, Martina Ghinetti, Bar Groisman, Tara Kearney, Saria Kelly, Mae, Anna Melander, Adie Mueller, Mihaela Petrova, Lily Simpkiss, Amy Vicary-Smith, Bethany Walker and Nikola Zarzycka, with voice recordings by Teele Uustani.


Produced by Cambridge Junction, with project support from Arts Council England and generous permissions from Savills.

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Image: Claire Haigh

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