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Colour ink jet on Dibond aluminium with AR video layers

20 panels, 90cm x 90cm each

Seafront Gallery, Worthing, West Sussex UK

Commissioned by Worthing Borough Council to mark the Platinum Jubilee, One of Us combines historical print images and personal photographs in a series of 20 digital collages celebrating the social history of Worthing. Interconnected across a timeline exploring the past seven decades, these works play with scale, colour and perspective to emphasise the changing palette of our culture as advances in photography and news media affect the way people document their own lives.  


One of Us is about memory and memorabilia. It’s about time, intergenerational connections, and the human desire capture significant moments. It’s about how we record our stories, how we choose to share these stories, and how the grand narrative of the Monarchy threads through everyday British life. 


Research and development for One of Us included collecting Royal paraphernalia, magazines and photographs of the Queen, delving into the archives at Worthing Museum, and a community call-out for photographs from family albums. 


Layered into the works are a series of found video clips which can be viewed digitally through a free AR app. 

G3-NE (Dapper Royalty).jpg

One of Us (2022), Dapper Royalty

G3-NW (Pavilion Street Scene).jpg

One of Us (2022), Pavilion Road Scene

G2-NE (Technicolour Road Queen).jpg

One of Us (2022), Technicolour Road Queen

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