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Anna Brownsted 'judi lancaster' 2019



03 August - 29 October

Landguard Point Felixstowe

A site-responsive sound installation set in the atmospheric tunnels of Landguard Fort, on Landguard Point in Felixstowe. Several adjoining rooms within the fort are temporarily transformed into an immersive environment where the past collides with the present as time expands, contracts, and circles in on itself.


With references spanning socio-political histories, familial military connections and the charged architecture of the fort itself, the installation features bespoke seating and a collage of meditative soundscapes using local field recordings and archival broadcasts.


Visitors are invited to sit, listen, and dwell within the ambient spaces.

Commissioned by Pier Projects, delivered in partnership with Landguard Fort and generously supported by Arts Council England, Felixstowe Town Council and East Suffolk Council.

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