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a binaural sound installation for two strangers 


Designed as an unregulated social experiment in proxemics and listening together, the free-standing installation (built from appropriated household furniture and fittings) suggests both the familiar and the surreal.  The binaural soundtrack, played through over-ear headphones, uses applied psychoacoustics to immerse the pair of listeners into a shadowy narrative that subtly explores themes of loneliness and the power of interconnectivity, whilst simultaneously exposing them as both observer and the observed.  

• 8 Victorian wooden doors, velvet flocked
• 2 chairs
• Wool rug
• Pendant light with exposed Edison bulb
• Modified antique side table 
• Coded Arduino sound system (operated by the press of a button)
• 2 sets of over-ear headphone

Soundtrack co-composed with Will Heasman

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction (2017); supported by Arts Council England

Splitter is also exhibited in an open-plan variation using 2 wooden chairs, the sound table and wool rug (image, bottom left)

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