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Hand-cut digital prints, collaged on wall

2.6m x 9m


Commissioned by Wellcome-MRC Stem Cell Institute for Jeffery Cheah Biomedical Centre at Cambridge Biomedical Campus, in partnership with Blood Cancer UK and Kettle's Yard.

The Night the Mountains Moved was made in response to UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS, a project bringing together patient ambassadors for Blood Cancer UK and stem cell researchers working at the Wellcome-MRC Stem Cell Institute. Through a series of online workshops across the summer of 2020, participants developed hand-cut animation sequences exploring their experience of the unknown in relation to living with blood cancer, the challenges of research and the global uncertainties of Covid-19.  Animation materials included paper, yarn, velvet and issues of National Geographic published in 1960, the year Blood Cancer UK officially became a charity. These sessions and animations inspired the large-scale collage installation, which explores the symbiotic relationship between patients, researchers and charitable funding organisations, and what it takes to confront the unknown. 

Futuramic Unknown is a short film featuring the project participants’ stop-motion animation.

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