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The Prototype Shortlist, Image No. 1: IVF (2019)

The Prototype Shortlist: Images 1-5 and Hidden Track 

Paper, vinyl, velvet, acrylic


The Prototype Shortlist is a set of six hand-cut paper collages representing a democratically selected shortlist of ‘the most significant developments to life on Earth over the past 40 years’. Each collage is framed within an individual Perspex vitrine. The shortlist includes: In vitro fertilization (IVF), the International Space Station, bottled water, the internet, smart phones, and the personal computer.

These works are the outcome of a year-long collaborative social project during which the artist worked with 500+ Cambridge residents to create the prototype for a sequel to NASA’s 1977 Voyager Golden Record. Proposed as an update for the extraterrestrials, the project asked people to consider the most significant developments to life on planet Earth since 1978, and how we might communicate the story of who we are now.

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