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Commissioned by the Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Unknown Unknowns is a project that brought together patient ambassadors for Blood Cancer UK and stem cell researchers working at the Stem Cell Institute. Through a series of online workshops across the summer of 2020, participants developed hand-cut animation sequences exploring their experience of the unknown in relation to living with blood cancer, the challenges of research and the global uncertainties of Covid-19.  Animation materials included paper, velvet and issues of National Geographic published in 1960, the year Blood Cancer UK officially became a charity.

Project outcomes include a short animated film featuring the participants’ stop-motion sequences and an installation, The Night the Mountains Moved, in the atrium of the Jeffery Cheah Biomedical Center at Cambridge Biomedical Campus.


6 minutes


Animations by Tania Dineen-Parish, Bertie Göttgens, Elizabeth Anne Holmes, Alison Kennedy, Jessica Murphy, Jane Leahy, Eugene Park, Mel Plumridge, Nathalie Sakakini, Antonella Santoro, and Mariana Quiroga Londono.

Soundtrack by Will Heasman.

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